Europa: Bar and Cafe

I am not sure why the domain registration for the Europa Bar and Cafe was allowed to expire. There are still reviews being submitted on Yelp and Trip Advisor as late as December 2016. The restaurant is still open,  and serving their signature mussels. So what's going on with this website? Are they building a new one or did someone just forget to up the domain's registration? This was their website from at least 2010 to quite recently. There has to be a good story to explain this mystery.
Nevertheless the new owner of the site has decided to use the site's 2013 archived pages and reviews from outside sources to recreate a nostalgic tribute to this well known local Greensboro, NC bar and cafe. If a new website is created for Europa , the new owner will definitely have a link to it. 
In the meantime, if you have reached this site,, we suggest you call Europa directly to make reservations or get other current information about the cafe and bar.


Europa Bar and Cafe
200 N Davie St
Greensboro, NC
(336) 389-1010

Europa Bar and Cafe Reviews Circa 2013


M H.

Brooklyn, NY

4.0 star rating 10/19/2013

I don't quite get where people are coming from with the "wait staff have attitude" spiel.

I like the staff and have never had a problem here. They smile and get you your drink without having to prove how badly they want another piece of flare (Office Space reference). It's service as it should be. Friendly and out of your face.

As for the drinks, they've got a great selection of wines and some decent beers. 1/2 wine night is a good deal. Can't say much about the food as I usually just come here for drinks.

Ambiance is nice, particularly in the summer.

Overall, I prefer it to other places downtown like Natty's or Grays


Katie T.

Asheboro, NC

3.0 star rating 10/11/2013

I have been coming to Europa throughout college and now as a professional so lets say about 7 years. I have always loved Europa for it's atmosphere and most of all wine nights. My husband and I visited two times within the past Couple months and have been very disappointed. The food is always wonderful when we finally get it. The first time we had to have waited a good 30-45 minutes for our food which was a simple burger and half Greek salad. The last time was a beautiful Friday evening when we sat outside. I would catch our waiter sitting and chatting with people when he could have been checking on his guests. We waited ten minutes for ketchup we had asked for. When it was time for the bill we waited another ten minutes. It seemed like we always needed something and our waiter was no where to be found. I am not sure if the servers are covering to much area or what, but hopefully they can ramp up the service or three strikes and you’re out. Remember person tells four friends who spread the same message.


dani k.

Braintree, MA

5.0 star rating 10/3/2013

we love cafe europa and have been coming for the fall & spring the patio is ideal and dog friendly, so the perfect place to chill. I am not a wine drinker, but all of my friends are and they rave about Wednesday's 1/2 price wines.

I highly recommend both the French bar steak & steak & frites


Shari S.

Brooklyn, NY

3.0 star rating 8/15/2013

Each time I come the service is weird. Nonetheless, love the mussels on mussel night. However, their salads are the WORST! Chunks of non-nutritionist iceberg does not count as a salad.


Heather J.

Greensboro, NC

2.0 star rating 7/24/2013

Most of the staff is good. Be careful if you order food when they don't feel like working and certain waitresses will get nasty attitudes with you. Their brunch is great, wine is cheap on wednesdays (half price wine bottles people).


Craig W.

Greensboro, NC

4.0 star rating 7/7/2013

We have been eating here for several years, and have never had a bad meal or service. Patio dining in summer is our favorite, and we have brought out-of-town visitors to Europa and they all enjoy the atmosphere and food.

As others have mentioned, Tuesday night mussels are amazingly tasty and very fairly priced - actually, everything on the menu is a value item. We love the specials where you get a meal, glass of wine or craft beer for under $10.00 - can't be beat!

We always have a good time and have gotten to know the staff as we eat here twice a month or more. Definitely on our favorites list.


John V.

Raleigh, NC

5.0 star rating 6/10/2013

Honestly one of the best places in Greensboro, hands down. Mussel special on Tuesday. Half price wine on Wednesday and it seems like half the town comes out. And the wine is reasonably priced to start with - suffice it to say on half price wine night you wind up paying about what you'd pay if you bought it at the market.

I've never had anything I didn't like. The pizza is great. I've had every steak. The steak au pouvre is awesome. The one they slice and coat with wine sauce - skip that one. Not bad, just there's better steaks. Steak salad - on point. Mussels - tried them all. All good. Turkey and havarti sandwich, good stuff. Crab dip is utterly amazing. The shrimp app is also good.

Unlike many places that try to price their mediocre food out of their own market, Europa is spot on with pricing. I think the most expensive thing on the menu is $16.00. You can go in and have a steak and a glass of wine with a salad and walk out under $20, after leaving a 20% tip. The owner, John/Rudy is a great guy, you'll see him behind the bar most nights - he's been around the Greensboro bar scene, from what I understand, for some 30 years.

John has put together most of the menu, and after I had tried several things, I thought he had a chef back there. I was truly surprised to find he'd done it himself. The menu is eclectic, and has a french flair, but a few other European dishes are scattered in as well. 

The service is overall pretty good. I've had some very slow servers, but it's typically on a busy night. Wednesday night, you'll wait a looong time for an outside table and they don't take call-aheads. I've waited upwards of an hour before. Fortunately, you can go inside and grab a bottle of wine and sit around outside until your table comes up, so it's not too bad. Most servers are friendly and nice, a couple are less so - but that's just personality.

I like a restaurant that is consistently good, reasonably priced, has good specials, decent service and doesn't over-rate themselves. Europa meets all those expectations, and therefore gets five stars from me.

I was on a long term project in Greensboro. I was the procurement manager for all janitorial supplies that included everything from paper towels + dispensers, toilet paper, cleaning products, mops, brooms, trash bags and trash cans, to buckets, pails, brooms and mops. I also oversaw the ordering of restaurant supplies ranging from food wraps, food containers and lids to cups, cutlery, and disposable plates and bowls for take out. Initially I spent several months at the Marriott two blocks from Europa, until I had trained my replacement. I had been offered and accepted a new job working for a large hotel conglomerate. I enjoyed my gig on the east coast, but it was time to move on. More power to John. The restaurant business is tough. I hope they will still be here when I make it back to the east coast.